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Related article: Date : Tue, November 28, 2006 14 57th 55 -0800 ( PST ) From: Ray u003cray6645 yahoo. com u003e Subject: Brother dominate me 3 the afternoon of Friday, Mike came home and told me that Chris n would not be ready in about an hour, and around the \\ \\ for real fun. He told me to go to the bathroom and take a shower, and make sure that everything was clean, or rub it for me. went to the bathroom and began to undress. Microphone came and told me to go back to the room, and strip me there before him, and then walk naked in the bathroom with their hands over the sides. I did what I said. We can only hope that no one home to see me walking naked in the shower. After the shower, Mike came to inspect, to see the that was clean enough for him. He checked my elbow and behind the ears to make sure they were clean. then, he grabbed my cock, and all feel about it. He told me to turn around and bending. " Spread your legs wider separated," he ordered. "To get to a pit in the ass n and dragHer cheeks apart to check your idiot "was the next order. I did what I said. He said it was not my ass look like this clean as it should be, wanted for a clean n me. he told me to return to the shower, and he go naked and join me. was back in an instant, and had a meeting in the hand. went to the shower has the hot water. Almost too hot n to me. he told me to duck, and he n my ass clean, or roughly a his friend Chris. began to wash, and it's really wounded. I told him it hurt, and I said "hard things. If you want the job done right the first , this would not happen. Perhaps in the future n do it and get a fresh start. continued bushes, and my ass was on fire. is the harm principle of truth. Finally it stopped. " No, that's good, clean, and even red. " We left the shower, dry and I was Mike, , and again made ​​me do itknees, shows relation to the person who had the power. After drying him, allowed to dry. But Preteen Nude Toplist not yet is allowed to stand. Mike told me that my ass was probably sore, so it would put some after shave, to the to cool. I pushed on all fours, and then used his foot Preteen Nude Toplist to force in the neck my ​​head on the floor, exposing her ass to him. that some after shave, and continued to rub in my ass sore. Well, actually that alcohol burns my ass. After you have finished with the after shave, he beat my ass s a couple of times to leave their hand print. Preteen Nude Toplist told me to get into our bedroom and kneeling there, for instructions. I went into the bedroom, and threw one of my Speedo swim, and he said, put them on. And hurry, because Chris was there to be s soon. Mike was fully clothed. I kept the only use Speedo. Chris was not my favorite person. It was always puts me down. Yes, that dick is bigger than mine, , and has more hair tail, but for a 14- year-old my ​​penis feel really good. And he shoots a load of good as well. But Chris has always told me that my back too big, or my breasts are too small, or something else derogatory about my body. All that that likes his haircut of my enthusiasm. I was afraid of a day and night with him at all. But it was Mike friend, that I have with him. Chris was about 10 minutes after my shower. that Mike came into our room, and Preteen Nude Toplist was the first thing n Chris said: " Pussy boy said is a good n in the knees, which is. demonstrates that knows its place. " He laughed at \\ \\ n, and I went and pulled so hard on my left tit tears came to my eyes again. " No. In fact, I that Polaroid film for you, so shoot some good photos. " trying to decide what to do with enthusiasm. not very beating of their key ideas. Finally, Chris said it would be fun, at least one piece few hands of strip poker before thand have rented home. Mike broke with the idea, and went to his desk use a card game. I feel that this n ot going to be a good thing for me. I was only to Speedo, and were fully covered. possibilities were not in my favor at all. The first two hands I have to win. But all that was lost his shoes. The next hand I lost, and had to take From my Speedo suit against them. I wanted n to kneel on, and pull it. There I was, naked with an erection. They laughed at my cock s, and told me it was a pity it was that is small. The next hand Mike lost, and he pulled his socks. This was followed by a loss of my back. It was said that if I lose from now, had n is a "punishment " for me to do. So this time I had with Mike kiss n feet, and was not as bad as his feet is small and cute. The next hand, lost again Mike, and off his shirt, exposing her tiny tits, on my cock was even harder. Chris lost agaand out of his socks. This n exposed to something of your hair on the legs, and I enjoyed looking of her blond hair, starting to show. that stopped at this point and dominant boys told me, I had to go to the kitchen and some of us pop n. I was not allowed to go, had to crawl out where to get the baking soda and then crawl to the n three of them. I said I would have in them, one after the other. These three trips to the kitchen. My knees are sore. When I got the three drinks in the room, I'd receiving pad so they can be comfortable on the field, but not for me. E n in the floor on his back, his tail stuck up. It was decided that instead of using the pillow, she would bring to my stomach, as the site the head. It felt good to have my head on the body. We finished our drinks, and had to start a to take the bottles back into the kitchen garbage, but s I said, not yet. againFor the game. Mike lost again, and came down the jeans. Then Mike lost a second time, and lost his T -shirt. My luck had changed. Chris lost two hands n in a row, and he was in his underwear. My next hand was not as good, and I lost. This time I had to crawl over and kiss by the tail, though was through his underwear. Each of them had a stiffy good. Chris did not smell over a rain lately, but that was fine by me. I knew I've sucked cock before dinner and probably to after dinner. The two boys lost in the next two hands, and now he to be naked. I said I wanted to do all they want or else. I told them that going to do what they wanted. And they came with a new game. One draw a card from the stack I draw a card. If your card was higher, I had to do what he says and when I was bigger, no the past, and that he would retire at the same time the other type. Chris Mike offered you the firstattracts me to be guests. He drew a king of hearts, and drew a n 10 of diamonds. That meant that I was what you have had to do Chris told me. He said he had never seen anyone n kiss his ass. Well, he had the cutest ass cheeks. Not too big, about a handful. became , and put his hands on his knees, exposing the cheeks of her s ass and beautiful light blonde hairy legs n me. I had to kiss him everywhere. Do not kiss your hole, but all around. Mike was watching with great interest, because in turn was next. When Chris came to kiss my ass fill, was and would laugh at me. "Boy, you are a true ass kisses. It felt good. I hope we can do it again. " Rio Y to me even more. Now it was Mike 's turn, and drew a four- bladed, I felt that at least this would be an easy win for me. , but my luck was not good, was a two diamonds. Now I had to do that is what Mike wanted me to do. rward. "` Kiss my balls until I tell you to stop. We do not have much time to get people home from work s, and so on. " I slid where s up and started kissing his testicles. His cock was certainly not in the way, was right after n. Chris laughed at me and called me back to the mother licks little fairy. I nodded in accord. I licked his balls hairless for more minutes. Then he told me to stop and help them to dress. I have the socks on his feet, helped them get to in his underwear, and well dressed. They said, not put people in the entrance to the house. It was not long before she came, and I allowed to dress. We went to meet him, and he s of a good dinner. Chris and Mike had a bit of laughter in my cost, but apart from that it was a quiet moment. We watched some TV with the family, then told us, that it was time for us to go to bed, for what happened. going to sleep in a sleeping bagthe ground. for Mike and Chris had a bed. So it was the bedroom again. I was told to cut back in front of them to my shame, it was again hard as a rock. Comments on ray6645 yahoo. com
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